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Epec's Ethanol 2.0™ is the same commodity - ethanol - but differentiates itself from its predecessor by utilizing a different feedstock and a fundamentally different production process.

Unlike the Brazilian ethanol industry, which relies on sugarcane for its feedstock, and unlike the American industry, which relies on corn for its feedstock, Ethanol 2.0™ is produced from a feedstock of sweet sorghum. Unlike both the Brazilian and American ethanol industries, which rely upon very large centralized production facilities, Epec’s Ethanol 2.0™ utilizes smaller decentralized, modular, distributed production facilities located on-site where the feedstock is grown.

Epec's feedstock selection and production process for Ethanol 2.0™ is a derivative of the successful Brazilian model. It accepts at its core the fundamental and inherent advantages that flow from a sugar-rich feedstock like sugarcane, but recognizes the environmental demands of sugarcane, largely tethered to tropical regions, dramatically limiting its global potential. In its place, sweet sorghum, a hearty sugar-rich alternative is the feedstock of choice.

Epec’s Ethanol 2.0™ production process is adapted to capitalize on the potential ubiquity of sweet sorghum (relative to sugarcane) and the flexibility afforded by a small modular, distributed production process.


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